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Code LF-05 Sunbrick Village

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Sunbrick Village, seen from a quiet corner of Sea Wood. The wood was part of the estate of Lady Jane Gey, queen of England for just eleven days before her execution in 1554.

Code LF-06 Sea Wood

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Sea Wood is a mixture of ash, oak and beech, and is owned by the Woodlands Trust. It is carefully managed, dead wood being left to decay naturally for example.

Code LF-07 The Woodland Glade

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Paths wind through the wood, with a different aspect at every turn, revealing magical little clearings such as this one.

Code LF-08 Birkrigg Common

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Birkrigg Common, from Sea Wood, with Ulverston Golf Course beyond, and the Lakeland Hills in the background. The trees form a window onto the sea of lush green bracken beyond the wood.

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