Kirkby Moor
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Code LF-17 The Old Slate Quarry

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Slate is still extracted from Kirkby Moor, but these workings are long abandoned, on the northern edge of the moor. The narrow cleft points towards the Crake Valley in the distance.

Code LF-18 Slate Blocks

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These huge slate blocks lie at the foot of the quarry, which is at a thousand feet above sea level, with the higher Coniston Hills as a backdrop.

Code LF-19 Slate Spoil

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Slate Spoil is an inevitable consequence of quarrying, and many such heaps are found on the LakeLand Hills. Their sheer scale is testament to the hard labour expended in these inhospitable places.

Code LF-20 Abandoned Farm Machinery

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This melancholy piece of abandoned farm machinery lies lower down the fellside, slowly rusting away, and overlooked only by the gentle slopes of Burney in the background.

Code LF-35 Black Combe, from Kirkby Moor

B Combe heather -200-Pict0012.jpg (8407 bytes)

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Less than five miles from Ulverston, the scented heather-clad moorland is vibrant with colour in August. The whale-back of Black Combe, just short of 2000 feet high, lies across the sands of the Duddon Estuary far below.

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