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Code LF-29 Black Combe after Sunset

                                  BCombe-200-Pict0005.jpg (4962 bytes)

Unframed mounted print: 10.99 (includes carriage)

The Furness countryside is fading into deep shadows a few minutes after sunset. The view is looking west from near the village of Scales, on the lane to Birkrigg.

Code LF-30 Gleaston Castle

                                    Castle-200-Pict0031.jpg (5480 bytes)

Unframed mounted print: 10.99 (includes carriage)

The crumbling ruins of this 14th century castle lie in a secluded little valley between Scales and Gleaston. Little stirs here as night falls, and the sun's rays are reflected on some high thin cloud.

Code LF-31 Hawthorns in Silhouette

                                   Bushes on Lane-200-Pict0011.jpg (6243 bytes)

Unframed mounted print: 10.99 (includes carriage)

A short grassy lane leads to ancient byways off the Scales to Birkrigg Common road, where these bushes and the top stones of a dry stone wall are seen against a dramatic evening sky.

Code LF-32 Bardsea Church at Dusk

                                   Church-Pict-200-0001.jpg (4675 bytes)

Unframed mounted print: 10.99 (includes carriage)

Seen from the Coast Road, the elegant steeple of  local limestone is silhouetted by the glare of the setting sun on a clear and still August evening.

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